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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Caricature live sketching for a birthday party

A birthday party for a Jewish girl turning 12 today, held in Hilton Hotel.
Quite shocked that there were more than 200 guests here.
Considered a big birthday party to me, at least.
I was placed at a corner where nobody will notice.
Told the organiser make an announcement of a caricature sketching service available.
He had me seated at the reception table instead.
Caricature birthday party 301207 1
He is a singer. Wanted a microphone in his hand. Added in the musical notes, or else could be an emcee too.
See the kids queueing behind him?
They were so excited about having their faces being drawn on paper.

Caricature birthday party 301207 2
Caricature birthday party 301207 3
Caricature birthday party 301207 4
The little girl has a pair of beautiful eyes. Not really shown in this photo.

Caricature birthday party 301207 5
The birthday girl.
Looked rather matured to me.
She wanted a Pinocchio long nose for her caricature.
Told her that it won't look good (though she has a rather big nose)
Drawn her a puppet body instead, and she loves it!
Don't tell me she's a puppet.....

Caricature birthday party 301207 6
Time is running out, but he pleaded me to do a samurai body for him.
'Boy, your wish is fulfilled!'

Caricature birthday party 301207 7
He pleaded me to draw him in a bikini suit.
Seems like these kids have all sorts of funny ideas.

Caricature birthday party 301207 8
He wanted a snake tongue sticking out from his mouth (???!!!), with a gun in his hand.
He told me the caricature looked cool, upon receiving it.

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