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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Caricatures for Attorney-General Chambers

A gift for this gentleman's retirement.
Another collage/montage style of caricatures, about what he has done.
Promised the client not to put the content of these caricatures online, as they were quite sensitive. In the way, the search engine spiders/robots will not index these sensitive issues.
They will just viewed it as a graphic.
Caricatures Attorney-General Chambers pencil
Surprisingly, the pencil sketches were done quite fast, as compared to the job for DBS one.
Perhaps, he has unique features, and I strike it in first round of sketch.
The themes were easy to be drawn, and straight-forward too, unlike the DBS building, percussion drum etc.
Caricatures Attorney-General Chambers pen
Inking was easier too.

Caricatures Attorney-General Chambers A4
So were the colouring part.

Caricatures Attorney-General Chambers framed
Looked especially good when framed up.
The clients were quite excited when they collected this framed artwork.
Their comments were "so cute" and "look so much like him"
Glad to hear that.

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