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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Caricature for Singapore Science Centre

The brief:-

"We are launching our newsletter in Oct 2007 and will include a column written by our CEO and I thought it will be fun to insert a caricature of him at the bottom of his column as a “surprise” touch…

These are the best photos we can get of him (See attached)… Will these be fine? Apologies that they are not in 300dpi

Really need your expertise and help in this… This is what we are looking for…

1) We would like his caricature in ink and colour marker… Being the CEO of Singapore Science Centre, we thought it will be nice to feature him wearing a lab coat and holding a test tube and a conical flask in the other… No background cause it is to be inserted in our newsletter.
2) As mentioned, because we are inserting in our newsletter, we would like a soft copy of the caricature. Really need your help as I understand too you have quite a few clients to manage. As we will be launching our newsletter on 1st Oct, when can we get the soft copy the soonest?
3) As for the hardcopy, we can arrange to pick it up later…
4) Lastly, more importantly, the cost involved… Hehe..

By the way, just a little about Dr Chew, he’s not the “gregarious” sort, he’s mild mannered and mostly smiles like what you see in picture no. 4…"

Did this out amongst my whole-week courses (2 courses) ending tomorrow.
Tried to cut down my workload to minimum, as I know that I won't have time to draw. I need to concentrate on the course.

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