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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Something wrong with me?!!!

Hairstylist said that I am losing hair!!!
Event organiser who has not seen me for months said that I have lost a lot of weight!
Found that I have white moustache this morning!!!!
Am I getting old?!! Or something wrong with my body or health?!!
Or am I getting too much stress from my work?!!!
I think must be the latter.
I think I am encountering the heaviest workload this week, since I am in this line 13 years ago.
Think I must cut down my workload.
I must be overworked!!!
More than 70 caricatures to be done this coming week.
I shouldn't ill-treat myself like that.
I can't even treat myself a good buffet at Orchard Hotel last evening after the event, because no time. I need to rush home to finish the SITF caricatures, or else I will be behind time, and the rest of the orders will all be late, can't deliver on time.
Not so money-minded anymore, I keep telling myself.
I can't earn the whole world.
Work happily, and not stressfully.

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