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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Church of St. Bernadette Annual D&D

Venue: Grand Copthorne Hotel
Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
It is for their Annual Dinner and Dance.
The pre-event entertaining activities are for fund-raising.
Only knew it when I reached there.
Guess what? They charged $2 per caricature. (And they thought it was the rate I am charging them - quite an insult to me, as I won't even bother to take up my pencil when people was asking for any price lesser than $10 when I was busking in Orchard.) I have done 10 caricatures in that hour. $2 x 10 = $20. Not even 15% of the rate I charged the event organiser! This happened at a fund raising program at a secondary school last November. Just don't know how it works!
Told the client that they can charge higher, but they were worried that nobody wants to be drawn. True in a way - when it is free, everyone is queueing up. If there's a fee to be paid, all think twice, thrice and gone, especially in Singapore.

She told me she is an artist. Must draw her good-looking.
Didn't answer her. Let her be the judge.

First time being sketched. Didn't get it done when she was in Paris. The power of $2?
Hopefully not.

Mother and daughter?

She told me $2 per caricature was too low, At least $5 to $10 per caricature was more reasonable. Asked me how much I charged in my gallery. Told her $20 per caricature.

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