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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Caricature live sketching for SIAE

Didn't want to take up this job initially.
Too tight up with my other clients' orders.
However, can't find any caricaturists to take up this job.
Thus, got to take it.
Though an hour job, to and fro took me about 2 hours+.
Including dinner with my wife and kids, 4 hours gone in all.
Wanted to treat myself better (stress relief too!) with the buffet at Orchard Hotel also no time to enjoy it slowly. Sigh......

This event was held in Regent Hotel.
Name of this event is Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers 32nd Anniversary Annual Dinner & Dance. Very long. Hope I got it right.

Think I got quite close resemblance for this caricature.

I like this caricature too.

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