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Friday, September 07, 2007

Lease contract renewed!

Renewed the contract for my shop till 31st March 2008.

After that, I will have to move.

Again, and expected, the reinstatement issue which I am concerned, still not written in black and white on the contract.

I still need to reinstate to the original state when I move out. Unchanged! No room for discussion on the terms and conditions on the benefits for renewal, irregardless of the fact that only 3 out of 10 retail units here are leased out. 30% only!!! (Thumbs up siah!!!)

She said tentatively I don't have to reinstate when I am leaving. Just take down my drawings. TENTATIVELY!!! Asked her to write it down in black and white. She said that they can't do it. !@#$% Back to square one! Just like the time when I first signed the contract. All the verbal promise. When I questioned her, she said everything follows what were written in the contract.

Don't want to waste my breath further. I signed on it.
I will just take it as what she said.
Hack care liao!
Anyway, the rest of the tenants also left without reinstatement. Why must I follow the rules?
In addition, they will be revamping or pulling the whole building next year. What's the point of reinstatement?

Good news for us is that rental remains the same. I can utilise the renovation cost further, for another 5 months. (Current contract expires in Oct 2007.)
So, price remains the same till next March, despite the GST hike, parking fee up, fuel prices up, public transport fee up, inflation rate up.......................

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