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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Caricatures for FCM Travel Solutions, Hong Kong

Order from Hong Kong.
The client was searching for caricaturist in HK and end up landing here.
I believe there are caricaturists there, but they didn't put up them work online, or easily be found on search engines.

The client's brief:-
"Details for the Caricature are below:Theme* Going away gift * Leaving China to go back home to Australia* So Chinese theme might be a nice idea – perhaps include Great Wall of China?* Could also include our company logo * Would like the picture to be in colour (marker)
We like the look of the frame on your web site under the "frames" section that has the team in a boat and the gold metal plate. Would probably suggest a landscape style for our drawing with the gold plate at the bottom. Can you tell me how many words fit on the plate so we can let you know.Timeframe* Needs to be in Shanghai by the 28th of September at the very latest.* As discussed I will arrange courier to collect from you on the date you specify you can have it finished by. "Proposal of them in ancient Chinese warrior suit standing on Great Wall of China, but...."Thanks for sending this through. We were thinking more along the lines of the traditional chinese outfits (have attached some pictures). The boys in the Jacket tops and pants and the girls in the cheongsam dresses (mixture of short and long). We also want xxx in a Kung Fu outfit (pics also attached for some ideas) and xxx in the Cheongsam (long) with a chinese umbrella and a fan (pics of these also attached)."Still think good idea to have them on the great wall and have a plane in the background with their company logo on a banner flying off the back of the plane.

Wanted to put in 1930s Shanghai backdrop, together with the Great Wall of China, but didn't manage to squeeze in.

When it was near completion, the client changed her plan of sending the artwork to Shanghai for the couple to view, but send the frame by courier to Australia.

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