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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Caricatures for Ingram Micro

Think I should be able to take a breath after this job.
I managed to tide over this crisis!
Luckily the client ordered caricature in pencil with theme.
If it was in colour, you won't see me blogging here liao. Hahaha......

A farewell gift. This guy is leaving for United States.
Proposed to have him as the Statue of Liberty. They agreed.
The outcome was quite good.
Drawn in portrait format. Think it looked better as compared to landscape format, but harder to draw, as it was drawn on an A2 size paper, and harder for me to reach the top part, and not damaging the paper corners at the bottom. This artwork was drawn with me lying on the floor most of the time. Consequence is an aching neck when it was done.

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