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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Caricature theme - wedding at Ferris Wheel

A new landmark in Singapore soon - Singapore Flyer. Heard that it will be ready next year end, is it? Not really easy and fun to draw. Usually landmarks are like that.

Heard from news that Beijing and other cities are also building such Ferris Wheels. Seems like all wanted to have the biggest wheel in the world. What's so good about this wheel? Can see most city wheel from there? Since when such stuff usually found in carnivals become a country's landmark? And many other countries are having one too? Do you still consider it as a landmark? Unless they change the design....

Ok. Back to the drawing part. The client requested for the Singapore Flyer in the background.
Instead of normal groom carrying the bride posture, she wanted a reverse. Quite refreshing, right?

She used to work in F&N (now in Philips. She said she saw my drawing there too) and engaged me to draw a group caricatures for their company. My highest record so far - in terms of number of caricatures in one drawing. Think about 88 of them on A1 size paper.

Can you see where she was in this drawing? Maybe too small to view it clearly here. She's the girl popping the Coke on top of the Coke building.

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