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Friday, September 28, 2007

Caricatures for BOC Gas Pte Ltd

This client called me in the morning, around 10:30am, asking whether I can sketch for them in a birthday lunch. She was recommended by William - another caricaturist cum silhouette cutter.
She said the other 2 caricaturists - Kalma and Welles can't make it too. Told me I have a courier delivering a package to my shop at noon time. If they don't mind to wait, I should be at their venue - Summer Palace, Regent Hotel around 12:30pm - 1pm.
She agreed, and told me they are from BOC Gas Pte Ltd.
Oh! Told her I have recently done a caricature for them.
And then she realised I am the caricaturist who did the caricature for her boss - Sanjiv.

This was the photo they sent to me, meant for the caricature sketching later, as I proposed to sketch them from photos, since they need to enjoy their lunch. The outcome will be better. Good for both parties.
Brought my D80 and laptop along for this session.

The final artwork in ink. 2 of them were absent. I sketched from the photos the client sent me.

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