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Friday, September 14, 2007

Caricature theme - fishing

Got the shock of my day when I received email from this client when she checked with me whether she can collect it today. Searched through my work schedule inbox, but couldn't find her order. Searched through my folder which I brought it with me everyday. A stack of photos dropped out, and I found it and the other Malay wedding order, which were meant to be ready for collection yesterday and today. Damn...... They were in my folder since last Friday, and meant to be done over the weekend, if possible. Just that I have many other orders to be cleared, and I missed out these 2 orders. Wanted to finish them earlier, and in the end - LATE!!!
Called her and agreed to be ready for collection 4 hours later. Usually I only need 2 hours or less for such caricatures. Requested for 4 hours so that I can make sure that I am not rushing it out, sacrificing on the quality.

Back to the caricatures, think this was meant as a birthday gift. They like fishing at Bedok Jetty at East Coast Park. (Nice fish, right? I like the colouring part.) I used to do so, but stopped when my finger was hooked accidentally by a lady who walked past. Her leg was entangled by the fishing line, and she didn't realise it. I was putting in the bait, and because of that jerk, the hook went through my finger and it became a bait...... Sigh... because of that pain, I stopped fishing. I can very well understand how the fish will feel when being hooked.

This client walked in and placed order few weeks back. She visited and my website and realised that I was from NUS, School of Architecture. And she was my junior (think about 5 years difference?). Ooh! What was so coincidental was that we were from the same tutor in Year One - Mr Robert Teh?!!! Heard from my Archi friend that he is working as an architect now, no longer a tutor in NUS. No mood to talk about him yet....... Hahaha......

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