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Friday, October 20, 2006

illustration for Knowledge Director - iN2015

This is the illustration (as mentioned earlier)I have done for Knowledge Director for their tender for the iN2015 (Intelligent Nation) Singapore project (on the education part), as announced by the government last week.
This is to illustrate by 2015, how the student learn through IT technology like wireless network.
The students' learning not only confined to classroom and books.
They learn through web conference, observatory etc through devices like tablet PCs, PDA, webcam and handphones. They learn through playing games etc. Informations are transfered to their portable devices when they visit zoo and art museum.

In fact, I have done several 2D and 3d visuals and conceptual sketches for them for their proposals of School of the Future in Gao Xiong (Taiwan), River Kutai (Indonesia) etc earlier this year.
These are some of them. Some on my website.

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