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Friday, July 20, 2007

Group Caricatures for Merrill Lynch, Hong Kong

20072007 - nice date when I signed off upon completion of this artwork.

Given that the client does not have a particular theme in mind, and Merrill Lynch mascot is a bull, I came out the concept of a bull run (bullish share markets everywhere now) , with the main person (he's leaving the company) grabbing tight to the horns of the bull, while the rest grabbing one another. Some of them rushing to grab the bull, not wanting to miss the bull run.
I have done a similar concept caricatures for Merrill Lynch Singapore 10 over years ago.
Think it was time to do another version. See how much I have improved(?!!).
The building in the background is the St. George's Building, where Merrill Lynch Hong Kong's office is. Added in the skyline of Hong Kong, including the most prominent building of Bank of China. Phew! At least now Singapore landmarks like Esplanade and Merlion this time. Getting sick of drawing them so many times......
The client's feedback:-

"Hi Jit,
Just came back from the farewell party and want you to know everybody gave a good remark on your caricatures and you can expect some more business from us."

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