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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Caricature theme - hammer!

Just found out that this caricatures need to be framed and also to be printed on a pink cushion. Real shock when I saw the cushion order around 11pm+. Quickly sit down and scanned this into soft copy, uploaded to my server, sent an email to place an order with my supplier, collecting tomorrow evening. Luckily, the kind lady (the supplier who did the artwork printing) Kelly rushed it out for me. What I need to do is to collect from her office. Thanks a lot. Usually it takes at least a few days to get it done. Phew!

Think this client must have annoyed the girl. Wanted to use this as a gift for apology. Used to draw this theme often while I was working in Clarke Quay.

My customers like this theme very much, whereby the girl beats the guy flat!
By the way, the above was me and my girlfriend (wife now) draw about 12 years ago, while waiting for business along the corridor in Clarke Quay. It was drawn from the Polaroid photo taken using the camera given to me by my dad. Sigh!.......time really flies...... and my dad passed away nearly 3 years........

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