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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Caricature for Merrill Lynch, Hong Kong

An order all the way from Hong Kong.
This caricature was for their "大家姐" who loves to play mahjong.
Gave her a "十三幺" and she got a "发" tile, with a hand over her mouth, giggling with joy. To enhance the effect, I have a cartoon player in the middle ground, and saw the tile she has drawn, shivering.
(Quite a pale scanning. The colour on my LCD monitor in my shop looked too strong. I desaturate it. Now, viewing from my laptop, it looked pale.)
The client has another group caricatures ordered, due next Friday. She asked me not charge her too expensive,as she intends to get me to fly over to Hong Kong to sketch for their corporate Christmas Party. (Of course, I don't anyhow charge my clients) She said that they have caricature artists in Hong Kong. She didn't look for them, but came to me. I knew there was a famous caricaturist named 阮大勇. His caricature works in colourpencil on 玉郎漫画 are fantastic.
Out of curiosity, I searched for 'caricature artist in Hong Kong" and didn't find any on the first page search result. Quite surprised. Thought it should be easier to find caricaturists in Hong Kong than in Singapore. Perhaps they didn't put their works online, or work as full-time caricaturists. Maybe they appear on other pages, just that I don't have time to search on. Will do so again when I have the time.

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