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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Caricatures for RSAF Aeromedical Centre

Clent's brief:-

"Need a big favour to provide 2 caricatures for our friends leaving. Chinyi is the i/c photo girl. Her nickname is Dory (from the movie finding Nemo). So it would be good if you could show her swimming with Dory. Eunice is the girl in blue in the other photo. She is our admin officer in Aeromedical centre. So a caricature of her standing in front of the aeromedical centre looking cute would be nice (pls do not draw the chairs outside the aeromedical centre."

Deliberately make the Dory bigger, so that it won't be played down in the caricature, given that it is one of the main subjects.

Proposed to have her sitting in front of her computer, busy typing and phone ringing, perspiring, rather than standing in front of the RSAF Aeromedical Centre, which will be too boring.

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