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Sunday, July 01, 2007

3 months free from Flickr!

Another email from Yahoo.

"Yee har! All your photos have been imported from yourYahoo! Photos account into your xxxxxxx Flickr account.And! To say thanks for choosing Flickr as the home for yourYahoo! photos, we've topped up your pro account with anextra 3 months of Flickr pro for free. That means your proaccount is good until 18th April, 2008...“

Not bad siah! A surprise gift from them!
Getting some luck today. Parked at Marina Square for about 6 hours. Expected to pay about $10. But the system was faulty. The attendant let me leave without charging me a single cent, while the car on the next lane pay as normal. Heehee, may my luck continues, at least for the next few days........

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