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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Mazda Singapore D&D

Title of this event :- " A night of Comedy & Laughter - 17th Staff Annual Dinner'
Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel, Ocean Ballroom.
Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
But didn't start at 6:30pm, buy about 13 mins later.
Not that I was late, but due to some sensitive reasons which I won't reveal it here for the time being. Tell you more about what's happening in this industry later, if you do follow my blog.

These whole bunch of guests were more interesting to sketch, as compared to the kids in the previous 2 birthday parties. Not only because of their more define features, they were more keen to get their caricatures sketched. Beside these, they can keep still too. No wonder time went by fast for this event.

A good start. Enjoyed the sketching process.

A comical face. Fun to sketch too!

Quite close resemblance, right?

Meant to be the last one for this event. But.....

The Managing Director's wife. An exceptional case, as time was up. She said can't recognise herself from the caricature. Usually their impression of their face were different from the impression we (third party/artist) had of them. In fact, when the features did look like them, but not complementary, they will gave this answer. My past 13 years experience, especially in live sketching. Frankly speaking, this caricature does look like her. What do you think?

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