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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Portrait live sketching for the official launch of CitiGold Private Client office

A 3-hour (1pm - 4pm) event at Citibank, Capital Square at Church Street, for the official launch of their CitiGold Private Client office.

The client saw the live portraits I have done for Chanel last month, wanted a similar service.

He required 8 portrait artists to station in 8 individual conference rooms.

Wow! I have quite a hard time looking for portrait artists doing live sketching. There are many caricaturists doing live sketching for events in Singapore, but not the former. Reggie is first on the list. Kamal told me that he and his wife, Ruoshi can do it. We have four artists only. Welles told me that he can do it and can help me to find more. Really appreciate his help for this.

Portrait live sketching for CitiGold - 8 artists - b
See the Men in Black (except Ruoshi) from left:-me, Ruoshi, Kamal, Welles, Padam, Chung Hock Lee, Poon Ee Way and Reggie.
The feeling was quite good, as we seldom meet together, as we all have our own jobs. We only managed to have a short chat.
The last time when we have a big group of caricaturists was an event for Singapore Press Holdings, which was many years back. There were 6 caricaturists engaged.

Portrait live sketching for CitiGold - d
The room I was stationed in.

There was a lion dance and speech for the official ceremony. When the guests started to wonder around, it was already 2pm odd.
As these are the honoured guests of the cient, we go for quality sketch, instead of quatity. The client agreed to let us spend about 20 minutes on each portrait, just like the event for Chanel. As the bank cannot reveal the clients' details, we are only allowed to snap the artwork, but not the guests' faces. But these are portraits what my wife mentioned to me?! ........

Portrait live sketching for CitiGold - 1
The guests started their own queue list while I was sketching this gentleman.
They told me that I don't have to slot in the four corners of the drawing into the folder. They can do it themselves, so that I can draw more. Wow!

Portrait live sketching for CitiGold - 2
Her hairstyle was nice, but I don't have much time to do it better.

Portrait live sketching for CitiGold - 3
This guest can really sit still......

Portrait live sketching for CitiGold - 4
Heard she has one portrait done. Going for the second one.....

Portrait live sketching for CitiGold - 5
This one too.

Portrait live sketching for CitiGold - 6
This one was done out of goodwill, as the time I was engaged was already over. My client asked if I can sketch her, as she's the big boss. If my car gets fined for overtime parking, just pass him the summon. Thank goodness the carpark attendant missed my car.

Heard there were about 30 odd people in the queue. The event organiser snapped photos of them, which will be passed to me subsequently to draw after the event. They will collect these portraits from me after they are done.:)

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