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Monday, April 19, 2010

Caricatures for Toshiba - part 1

Quite a big job - about 100 individual caricatures (not fixed yet, and not all photos are in yet), due around 10th May 2010.
Time to do some of them to show the client.
These caricatures are meant as gift for their guests (Toshiba from different countries) who will be attending their event - Toshiba Kickoff Singapore on 18th May 2010.
Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Tong
The client has their event logo printed the marker paper provided by me, whereby I will draw the caricatures on them.
Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Paul
Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Watanbe
Client's feedback:-
"Hi Jit,

The drawings are nice.

One request is that the date be put on 18th May as per our event.


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