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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Caricature theme - Shakespearean

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

Great speaking to you earlier.
As discussed, we'll need to draw 4 characters in 'shakespearean' style. We've done an option earlier (see attached) but client feels that the faces do not resemble the actual person and the romeo and juliet should not be so intimate (cos this will be used in brunei). I've attached the 4 pictures for the characters and i've named them according to the 'role' they're supposed to portray in the caricature......

For romeo & juliet, pls have romeo presenting flowers to juliet.....

William Shakespeare should be the biggest (and not too dark skin pls although he's indian) and maybe he's holding on to a quill and scroll and smiling at everyone.
As for Julius Caesar, he will be in armour and holding on to a spear.
Maybe you'll also like to recommend what's a good composition?
Something that'll look friendly and not too disjointed.....

The purpose of this drawing is for a the backdrop of a Dinner and Dance event. Our client will be getting their staff to restage the shakespeare classics in their own funny manners. What our art director had in mind for the setting of the drawing is that the caricature characters will be on the stage, Hope that gives you enough information to start on your drawing."

Shakesperean pencil sketch
The client asked for a detailed pencil sketch preview, which they are willing to pay for a price for this.

Feedback for the sketch:-
"Sorry but I think that the characters need to bear more resemblance to the pictures. Besides caesar, the other 3 characters look rather different. Will u be able to fine-tune it further? "

I think the caricatures looked like them. Need the inking and colouring to bring out the facial muscles and details. Thus, I asked for more and better photos, while waiting for their client's (NBT Borneo) feedback.

Thank goodness they came back to me on Monday that their client said proceed with the inking and colouring.:)

Shakespearean caricatures - William Shakesspeare Romeo Juliet Caesar A4


Mark's Funny Faces said...

Jit, this is a classic! You never cease to amaze me.

jit said...

Haha.... you cheered me up during my stress period! Thank you!

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