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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Caricature theme - underwater wedding

I did a job for this client from Hong Kong in 2007.
This time, she requested (from my Facebook) for a wedding caricature as a gift for her niece.

She's not really sure of what theme she wanted initially.

"....As for theme, they are both dog lovers and they call each other nick names ‘Fish.’ I am not sure would that be useful...."

The initial size required was A0, but was changed to A1 size.
Thank goodness too. A1 (59.4cm x 84cm) was already very huge for couple caricatures - biggest size I have done so far for couple.

I proposed a underwater wedding theme for them, with her being the mermaid bride.

Along this line, but different design.
underwater Mermaid wedding couple caricatures A1 siez - pencil sketch
I joined 2 A2 size marker paper on 1 card, using different elements like fish, hair, coral, flower etc to hide the joining part, just like the job for Philip Morris.
I added in those fish from the movie "Finding Nemo" to spice up the drawing.
underwater Mermaid wedding couple caricatures A1 siez -ink
See the 'painful' process here......
Jit with A1 caricatures
Done, after hours of drawing. Unfortunately, the client not very happy with it.
Gotto do some facial surgery......
underwater Mermaid wedding couple caricatures A1 size - colour
Still not happy....:(
"Honestly it's better but still something is wrong..."

underwater Mermaid wedding couple caricatures A1 size -edited 2
One more go, added in longer hair, some hair to cover her face, more shading to her cheeks,, and a tiara to cover the top part of her hair
"I think it's a great idea to add a tiara to her hair...thanks for
the thoughts..."

"Jit ,
You are the best!

It's really a "phew phew phew!"

Amend till I don't know what else to amend.
At least now she's a happy client.
This A1 size drawing was rolled up in a huge postage tube, and shipped to HongKong. Hopefully no damage to it....... and most importantly, this couple will like it.

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