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Monday, December 07, 2009

Caricatures for property agents' business card

This client looked for me 2 months ago, wanted an urgent job, but was turned down by me, as I was really tight up then.
He came back to me again recently.

These caricatures are for to replace their photos on their property agent business cards.
They wanted 2 versions - 1 in ink outline (scanned into high resolution softcopy) and 1 in colour version (hand-rendered hardcopy)
Caricature of Nelson in ink
Caricature of Nelson in colour
He wanted the shine on his bald head.
He was expecting like a 'star-4' shine on his head.
Told him it will look like a Ninja Star, when it is reduced to business card size. Won't look good.

Caricature of Freedom in ink
Caricature of Freedom in colour
Caricature of Ronald in ink
Caricature of Ronald in colour
Caricature of Ronel Foo in ink
Caricature of Ronel Foo in colour
Another rquest was all of them in red ties and black suits.

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