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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Group caricatures for Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit
I have been recommended by Celine Juan from P&G to check your availability to do a caricature for our director who will be retiring end April.
My manager has proposed doing a picture of our director with about 8 picture of his direct report surrounding him. Could you kindly propose
Some design and provide us a quotation and also how long will it take to have it done.....
His job revolved round fragrances like Hugo Boss, dunhill, escada, D&G and Anna Sui Cosmetics. He likes playing golf.......

I have altogether 13 pax.
As suggested by you, we’ll take the golf theme with his staff surrounding him, My manager would also like to include some of the brands that he has worked with.
Instead of b/w, it will be a colored picture. I will also need a frame for it. Expected collection will be on 26 Apr.
Another highlight to note: Hans Wohmann always wear a white inner shirt be it that he is wearing a shirt or t-shirt so his dressing will have white on the neckline opening.
Hope this clarifies

Do give us a quote and also provide a draft so to meet the deadline."

draft for P&G
Client's feedback on the draft:-
"Hi Jit
Need to amend 2 things.
1) Alexander and Guido to swop place.
2) for the logo, omit D&G, dunhill and escada and include anna sui logo(as per attached). "

group caricatures for P&G - ink
The inking..... (pencil sketch here)

group caricatures for P&G -colour
and the colouring.

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