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Monday, April 26, 2010

Caricature for Allen & Overy

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit,
As per our earlier conversation this afternoon, please refer to the attached photograph which I need the above done up for. He is our COO and he will be leaving our firm in the following two weeks. I thought that this will be quite an interesting gift for his farewell party, but will like to find out what is the going rate at for it to be ready by 28th April 2010.

His interest lies in golf and while vetting through the gallery I noticed that you had one done up one picture of a man in safari clothing in the jungle with a golf club. Maybe something similar or some where else more interesting will be nice. Our organisation's name is Allen & Overy or A&O in short and he has been with our firm for 12 years now....."

Caricature for Allen & Overy - night safari golf
That caricature which she referred was done like 10 years ago.
I have made some changes to the design, and I think this piece looks better.:)

Client's respose upon seeing it:-
"It's perfect!"

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