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Friday, April 16, 2010

Caricature theme - Heineken, baby & Liverpool

Client's brief:-

You did a great caricature for me a couple of years ago for a 40 th birthday. it alos had a frame and an inscription. see the mail below for the history. i would like to get another one don now for a different friends 40th birthday.

I will send a second email with the subject

the print you did last time was for a 40th birthday. it was a single guy on a beach wearing a man u shot with a bottle of champagne, and a golf club.

i would like the same as i had ordered below.....

As discussed earlier.

Them is for the person to be stood in front of his house (photo to be sent later today). He is to be dressed in shorts and wearing a liverpool shirt. In one hand he is to be holding a bottle of Heineken and in the other hand holding a baby ......

The inscription should say “Happy 40th Birthday Charles form the Thirsty Thursday club”

I am looking for A3 size with the same frame as last time. I would also like a high resolution scan if possible"

guy caricature with baby Heineken Liverpool A3
Very rush job. Got to give allowance for inscription and framing.
If you are interested on how I colour the face, I have more detailed demonstrations on my Facebook Page.

Client's response:-
"Fantastic....... that's magic!"

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