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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caricatures of Nigel Chew and Jermaine Leong

photo of Nigel Chew for Knockout
photo of Jermaine Leong for Knockout
Caricatures of Nigel Chew & Jermaine Leong pencil sketch
In order not to make Jermaine's posture too similar to Annabelle's, I drew her on the floor.
Caricatures of Nigel Chew & Jermaine Leong in ink
The concept of these 2 caricatures was drawing challenge. Thus, instead of the boxing pouches alone (knockout), I added in the medium (pencil) which they used for the caricature drawing in the programme. Only Haikel used marker.
Caricatures of Nigel Chew & Jermaine Leong A4
I drew both caricatures on A3 size marker paper., instead of all 4 of them on 1 A2 size marker paper. Main reason was that they can be iused separately for the programme- old and new schools. No overlapping, in this case.

Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel Annabelle Francis Nigel Chew Jermaine Leong on Knockout A4
I merged them digitally with the Knockout logo inserted.
How is it?:)

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