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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel and Annabelle Francis

These are the caricatures which I promised Hoods for the Knockout Challenge on Okto in March. They will appear on the screen (not sure for how long) to show the points the old school (Sheikh Haikel and Annabelle Francis) and new school (Nigel Chew and Jermaine Leong) will get for each challenge.
photo of Sheikh Haikel for Knockout
photo of Annabelle Francis for Knockout
Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis pencil sketch
I am really excited when I received the photos, especially Haikel's.
They have fun and challenging expressions.
Meant to give Haikel's a cute body with bloated belly and small legs.
Unfortunately, when I put in Annabelle's caricature, most of his body was blocked.
Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis in ink
To make sure that none of their bodies were cropped off, he has to stand straight!.
What a pity! Bad planning on my part too.
Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis A4
This could be the first caricature which I draw in pimple scars. :D
His face was just too smooth (initially) that it doesn't look like him.
Sorry, Haikel. But he's a nice guy. I don't think he will be disturbed for that.:D

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