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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Caricature theme - wakeboarding

Client's request:-
"Hi Jit,
I saw your website and was very impressed.
I would like to make enquiries about creating a caricature for a 'Save the Date' magnet.....

Please see attachment for a photo of us (Scott and Adeline). I have also attached a pic of my cat.

As mentioned before, these are the requirements:

-Show Scott wakeboarding. One arm holding the rope, one arm carrying Adeline.

-Adeline will hold a flag with the wedding date (Pls note date not confirmed as yet. It is either July 31, 2010 or Aug. 7, 2010). The flag idea is a suggestion. Will it work?

-The cat is the boat driver. Possible to show just a section of the boat with cat holding steering wheel?"

Couple wedding caricatures wakeboarding save the date A4
The waves turned out better than what I have expected in this caricature.
Can feel the roughness of the sea. Thanks to the lineworks.

Client's feedback via email:-
"Thanks, Jit. Great job with the caricature. We are very impressed, especially my dad (who used to be in the creative field)
I only wish the flag and date were bigger now. Anyway we'll do some photoshoping for that so that the date will stand out when I turn this into a magnet.

Here's what it looks like on my wedding website.
It matches the whole site! Fabulous!
Nice one!


Thank you.:)

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