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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Caricature for Shell

Client's brief:-
"I need it by tomorrow and need the background to be him wearing soccer tee running with a ball and the background is Singapore Attractions such as merlion, sg flag, singapore flyer etc (up to your creativity). This is for his farewell as he is leaving on Sat and he is going back to Netherlands ..."

Soccer caricature in ink for Shell
Real urgent job.
One day delivery.
Not a tough job though.
The brush strokes I used here are more daring.
One of the reasons is this is a caricature for a guy.
Strokes can be more bold.
Next reason is I am very used too these items - soccer boots, socks, clothing etc.
So.... just go for it... everything is a like a breeze when I draw.:)

Client's feedback via email:-
".... Just saw the previous drawing on your website. Apologies for this delayed response but it was a great drawing! Bas liked it so much when I pass it to him that day and it looked really like him, despite the blurred photo that I provided!"

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