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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley - part 6

Last piece of this job.
Client's sketch revsed 6
Client's draft.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley sketch 6
My draft.
Her feedback:-
"- let's shrink yavar's thought bubble so the focus is on the sign, and make the sign bigger
- please show saul from chin up only (no need body), from the lower left corner. so it looks as if he is peeping out from the corner. great expression! (he looks like that ALL the time.)
- let's draw a couple more balloons so the picture is more colourful

thank you! this is shaping up wonderfully!"

Didn't really take into considerations of the resemblance for all the drafts. In fact, I told her to ignore on the resemblance in the drafts, but seemed like the expressions in the drafts were well-received by her.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley pencil sketch 6
Pencil sketch.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley 6 in ink
Inked version.

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley Part 6 - A4
Finally all done!!!

Received an email from the client:-

Just showed our big boss Kate, the head of Investment Banking in Asia Pacific, your drawings. BIG thumbs up, she liked them very, very much (keep in mind she can be a challenging one to please). She especially liked your drawings of George, Syed and Yavar.

Thank you for meeting our deadline without compromising in the slightest on your work quality.

Hui Ling"

What can be more rewarding than this?!:D
By the way, Kate was the Lara Croft in the second drawing.:)

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