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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Caricature theme - Malay traditional wedding

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit!

I’m feeling so excited cos finally after browsing your site for months and finally the day is here I’m getting my caricature done by you for our wedding reception in October this year!
Love, love, love your work, Jit! And I believe you can do a lovely work for us! Can get it ready by tomorrow? Hehe. Just kidding!

Ok, so here some description for the caricature:-

- Caricature in colour marker with theme
- Full-length similar to photo couple_fullbody.jpg. This photo isn’t ours actually. But since we will be wearing the same kind of traditional outfit, thus took this photo taken from the net.
- Same colour for the wedding outfit and everything. Just replace their beautiful faces with ours..hehe
- Bride (filename: wi_left1.jpg) and Groom (filename: wiwis.jpg / wis_right1.jpg) smile evidently though not so WIDE, beaming smile but just a nice set of perfect teeth showing, charmingly and sweetly..
- I’m not sure what background I can use. But if it looks alright simple & plain. Then plain is shall be. :) For your kind advise ya.

Kindly let me know if all above is fine and quote me pls for A3 and A2-size drawing with burn on cd."

Malay traditional wedding couple caricatures - A - A4
Looks simple, but the time and effort spent on the clothing and headset details really can kill.
Once in a while is fine, I think.
Not every order please.
Psychologically, I may not be able to take it.:D

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