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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley - part 5

Client's sketch revsed 5
Client's draft.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley sketch 5
My draft.
Her feedback:-
"- please draw more bags behind faridah, and remove the chanel handbag completely (you can place both arms on her hips instead)
- please remove "moan", just "groan" is fine" - i like the squiggle you drew on top of their heads! please include the speech bubble on top of all their heads "uh... briyani??"

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley 5 in ink
Forgot to snap a shot of the pencil sketch. Here's the ink version.

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley Part 5 - A4
Coloured version. Obviously, those shopping bags were the most time-consuming ones, besides teh cartoon characters.

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