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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley - part 3

Client's sketch revsed 3
This draft was split and amended from the previous draft of the client.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley sketch 3
My draft.

Her feedback:-
"- can we enlarge the claridges sign and pillar so amit takes more of a centre stage. OK to shrink the 3 ladies a little bit if necessary.
- please draw a few more shirts, and an arrow and text pointing to the shirts reading "shirts-in-hiding"
- the women have great expressions!"

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley sketch 4 and ink
Pencil sketch with inking....

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley 4 in ink
Inked and brushed in.

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley Part 3 - A4

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