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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Caricature theme - Malay traditional wedding

Subsequent order from the same client:-
"Hi Jit,

I hope you can do one for my future sister-in-law too who is getting married on the same day as me.

- Caricature in colour marker with theme.
- Full-length similar to photo dress_color_style.jpg. The bride’s hand on the groom’s shoulder I find is a bit awkward and their pose is rather stiff. Could you instead use something similar to pose.jpg. Something more intimate. I leave to your good advise.
- Same colour for the wedding outfit and everything as dress_color_style.jpg. I.e. creamy with gold embroidery. I know the picture is not very helpful as it is quite blur but that is the pic given to me, the outfit she will be wearing. Basically a flowery embroidery for the bride’s outfit like dress_flower_details.jpg.
- Bride & groom pic as attached."

Malay traditional wedding couple caricatures - B - A4
The colour they have chosen (as in the photo provided) is creamy white.
As such, it looks rather pale, as compared to the other job.
However, the mix-and-match of the posture and wedding gown design took up some time from me. Not so straightforward as my usual job.

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