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Monday, October 12, 2009

Caricature for ExxonMobil

Returned client's brief:-
"Hi Jit.

Do you still remember me? It's been quite a while since we last met for your services.

One of my colleagues is retiring and moving to New Zealand. Therefore we'd like to present her a momento.....

I am in the midst of getting her photo for you and we want to present to her over farewell lunch on Oct 16....
Some of her characteristics and hobbies for you to work on the theme and background :
She is 55
Likes to cook
Has 2 cats has pets
Likes to watch tennis
Must have Spinelli's coffee every morning when she comes to work

We will present the caricature at her retirement lunch on Oct 16 so anytime it is ready before this date, I'll pick it up from you"

Chef Caricature for Exxonmobil 121009
Can't remember how many orders I have received from ExxonMobil.
I did a serach with keyword - "ExxonMobil" on my blog. Then I realised that Blogger doesn't give you all the results from the search. The older one doesn't appear on the serach result.

Back to this drawing.
I was given 2 photos of the subject.
The confusing part was her hair colour.
Under the sun, her hair was light blonde in colour.
The other photo was taken in a studio, like those formal passport photo. Her hair was brown!!!
My wife said that the subject could have dyed her hair.
I chose the second photo, given that this could be what she submitted to the company archive.

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