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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley - part 2

Client's sketch 2
Client's draft.

Client's sketch revsed 2
She decided to split the first draft into 2 scenes.
This was the first scene.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley sketch 2
My draft.

Her feedback:-
"- please make "WORK..." more prominent. perhaps larger font, bolder. same placement and size for all drawings please.
- great if we can make kate and amit more prominent in the picture. please draw kate full body (her outfit here: to take up the same space as amit, and place both kate and amit directly beside george on a pedestal (small circular platform beneath the feet, like they are models) and place sooi lin / thomas by the sides. i really like sooi lin and thomas' poses!
- please show george pointing at kate, as if he is selecting kate (not amit).
- let's give amit a thought bubble: "boy, those gym sessions sure are paying off."
- let's be sure to draw a nice chair (perhaps make it dark red so it looks like velvet) and table (dark wood with some very minor trimmings if possible) / draw a carpet under the table so the settings match the chandelier. "

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley pencil sketch 2
Pencil sketch. I like the 'Lara Croft' posture. Didn't know I can draw such sexy and stylo posture.:D

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley 2 in ink ink and brush.

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley Part 2 - A4
Finished off with the rendering.

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