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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley - part 1

This was a series of 6 caricature illustrations, used for the client's presentation, and later compiled them into a big poster. (This was the job which stressed me out, as soon as they confirmed the job. I have to squeeze in this order among my current scheduled workload)
The client requested these 6 hand-drawn hardcopies to be subsequently scanned in high resolution, upload to my server, for her to download in Hong Kong. Power of internet!
Client's sketch 1
This was the sketch done by the client.

Client's sketch revsed 1
Revised sketch to the caption.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley sketch 1
My draft.
Feedback from the client:-
"- excellent!! let's make george and wanzul just large heads (like gods), not much body necessary."

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley pencil sketch 1
Pencil sketch for the actual artwork.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley 1 in ink
Inking in.....

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley Part 1 - A4
Colouring done. The cartoon characters took me some time to ink and colour in.
Certain level of details is needed, as I think that I can't possibly draw in the round head without features as in the draft. Just too wishy-washy job for me. Not acceptable to me at all.
Looking at it upon completion, I think it is worth the time and effort. Looked colourful and crowded, and the subjects stand out amongst the crowd.

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