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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley - part 4

Client's sketch 3
Initial draft by the client.

Client's sketch revsed 4
Her revised draft, after her boss saw her first draft.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley sketch 4
My draft.
Her feedback:-
"- haha this is GREAT i love shahzad's pose, the sun... everyone's posture and expression is perfectly fitting (especially syed! he looks so spaced out haha)
- please place the individuals in a diagonal (not straight) line so it looks like they are climbing up a hill.
- please add a speech bubble for wanzul: "tolong.... it's ok, keep smiling!"
- possible to add a small set of animal bones in the lower right corner? can you make the palm tree on the left side look wilted, as if it is dying? it looks a bit like a holiday if the palm tree looks so healthy!"

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley pencil sketch 3
Pencil sketch, adjusted according to her feedback.

Caricatures for Morgan Stanley 3 in ink
Inked in.

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley Part 4 - A4
Coloured up.
Then, I received a call from the client, saying that her Caucasian boss doesn't know about Muslim culture. It is not appropriate for Wanzul to carry Faridah, but to have them standing/walking instead
We don't have time to redraw everything.
Hence, I proposed to the client to draw two of them on another new pece of paper, scanned in and do some digital editing. Since the hardcopy is not very important to them. Eventually, the softcopies are what they need to use in their presentation, and printing them into a big poster.
It saved time on both parties, and eventually lower the amount of money they need to pay for this additional work.
She agreed
Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley Part 4 - A4 add on
The new artwork.

Group caricatures for Morgan Stanley Part 4 - A4 (edited)
And now, the old version of Wanzul carrying Faridah was removed from the original softcopy, and I pasted in the new version, paint in some of the background. Looked like an animation strip.:D

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