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Friday, October 16, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding @ "Miss U Cafe"

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit

I have previously engaged ur service and I luv ur work. My brother in
law is getting married and I would like to do a caricature of the
couple in bridal gown/suit as a gift....

Overall orientation similar to the one in picture A with changes as follow;
1. The background - Car
a. Change the design of the red car to the one similar to Picture B (Rounder...Cuter).
b. Hence car will be in beige colour but orientation of the car remain same as Picture A
c. Please remove the flower design on top of car in Picture B as circled and pointed in red. Replace with a teddy bear or leave it empty

2. The background – Add a restaurant
a. Add a restrt on the bottom right corner indicated in green as shown in Picture A. This is quite similar to the restaurant in picture C.
b. The restrt plays an important role for the couple that’s why i would like to squeeze it in. You can make the car smaller if more space is required for the restrt
c. The exact restrt picture is shown in picture D for your reference, however, i leave it to your artistic skill how you wanna draw the restrt
d. Please indicate the restrt name in the picture. This is very important!!! The name is “Miss U Cafe” as shown in Picture E

3. The background – Sky
a. The couple loves sunset so can i have a sunset background similar to Picture F

4. The Couple – Tie
a. I am ok with the couple’s suit and gown as per Picture A, but please change the bow to a white/light baby blue tie

5. The Couple – Flower
a. Please change the colour of the bouquet from red to yellow..more soothing

6. The Couple – Groom’s face
a. Please draw the groom based on his face and hair in Picture G. You may also use picture H for reference

7. The Couple – Bride’s face
a. This is basically a beautiful pair of couple...handsome groom and pretty bride. You can draw the bride using her face on Picture G, H, I, J for reference

8. The Couple – Bride’s hair
a. For the fringe, please draw based on Picture H or I
b. Since the groom is carrying the bride, please have the bride’s long hair flowing down nicely. Picture I is to give you a reference of the length of the bride’s hair
c. Please add a tiny little tiara on the brides head..please also add a veil flowing down nicely similar to the bride in Picture C
d. She is really pretty so please try your best to draw out her best features!! Don’t do injustice to her :P "

Couple wedding caricatures @ Miss U Cafe
Can't remember which the previous job was.

This brief is very long. I have to study every detals carefully.
I like most of the stuff drawn, except for the sunset sky.
Can never blend it nicely using colour markers.:(
Even if I can, the overlapping strokes will still be too obvious to me.
But seems like my clients like the sunset sky.

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