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Monday, October 09, 2006

Proposed design for Christmas at Heartland Mall, Singapore

These are the design proposals done by my sister and me for a pitching job for Christmas decoration in Heartland Mall. It looks simple to us initially. When we start working on them, the time taken is longer than what we have expected.

This theme is Ultra-Ordinary Christmas, based on the Ultraman theme.
The client is looking at a more abstract approach.
Hence, you get the Ultraman feel, but no Ultraman in it.

My son keeps asking where's the Ultraman, when he sees the stage design, especially the subtly-hidden monster is in it. Hahaha..........

There's a tight budget in this project. Hence, tight budget, less decoration, as cost is the main consideration.
You don't see those big budget design like you see in Tanglin Mall or along Orchard Road.

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