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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Caricatures of a couple on a moon

Just rushed this out among my tight work schedule.
This China lady, whose studying in a private school here, wanted to send this caricature to her boyfriend in Liao Ning, China. She wants it to reach him by 25th of this month.
The moon and star theme, together with the wordings, of course, are her ideas.

Still working hard on that illustration...................

By the way, today is my gallery's second year (contract date) in China Square.
I have just renew for another year yesterday.
This buidling will be undergoing revamp in April 2008.
I have to look for another place to move to during this period.


Da Bitch said...

do let us know where you would be moving to so that we still can go and find you yah...

jit said...

Definitely, as long as your email address doesn't change, and I don't =
lose your contact. Hahaha.........
Most importantly, bookmark and also memorize my url, and you can find =

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