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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Caricatures for Xilinx, Singapore

These caricatures are done on an A2 size marker paper.
The usual size is A3.
However, as the client requested to have the milestones achieved by this guy - Joe Forgy, to be clearly visible (see the 4 crystals poppng out from the ground), I propose a A2 size, and she accepted it.
In the brief, He will be portrayed as Super Joe and his wife will be a Wonderwoman S (Stacy). She's the woman behind behind who gives him support.
Heheh...... This is a more explosive theme, quite fun to draw.

This is the framed up caricatures.
This is for my client to see, as she will not get to see it, given that the courier will pick it up and post it out to this guy Joe straightaway.

This caricature was done for the same company - Xilinx in March this year.
The client was this muscular guy to burst his tuxedo to show his muscle.
I gave him in red underwear.

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