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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Group caricatures for SembCorp Gas, Singapore

This takes me about 3- 4 working days to complete and working on another pitching job for a shopping mall concurrently, which explain why you don't see me blogging for these few days. This is a farewell gift for the staff from SembCorp Gas to their boss who's leaving this department to another one (see the structures in the distant background). They want this boss to be portrayed as a Superman (a favourite theme among my clients - I will show you a couple more similar in a few days' time). He's quite fat, and they want to show him to have a great influence. They also want to incorporate the 3 pipes in their plant in Jurong Island, Singapore. Hence, I proposed to them to have the other staff that needs to be closer to him, to slide towards him (to show his influence) when he starts to take off. He likes to eat. Thus, I have a drumstick and bacon at his waist. The LV wallet and bag are gifts from the staff previously. Hobbies and themes like badminton, sleeping, goalkeeper, shopping, singing, beer-drinking, basketball, baby, car etc are given by the client. As there are 20 faces in there, I had quite a hard time (fun and satisfaction, of course) in composing this caricature artwork. I try to cut down on the sea area. I have too much of it in previous caricatures.

The pencil sketch.

Inking progress.......

Outline done!


The final artwork is done and scanned-in as softcopy for the client.

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