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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Illustration for Keppel Corporation Annual Report 2005.

This illustration was done in March 2006, for Kepperl Corporation Annual Report 2005, for its page divider.
The concept of this illustration is to have a residential estate of Singapore in the foreground, while the landmarks of countries like Shanghai (china), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thailand), India, Philipines, and Vietnam, in the background. Keppel Corp. is going to use the residential mini-town all-in-one concept used in Singapore, and apply it into these contries.
This illustration is not on my website yet. I am putting up this to show a potential client who needs to illustrate different landmarks of certain countries for his website. This is a sample of the style I have done.

The initial sketch of the concept.

Colour scheme of the sketch.

Actual sketch lineworks (The client request a more sketchy lineart for the background, as everything is not concrete so far.

Inverse the lines in Photoshop.

The finished illustrations. The infrastructures in the foreground are clean and straight, in terms of illustration style. It is in vector format. I used a neon effect for the landmarks in the background, to make them more subtle and also to differentiate them from the background. The sky is a photograph pasted in.

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