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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Caricatures of CEOs of Lufthansa Technik and Air Deccan

Just finished these caricatures for the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Lufthansa Technik and Air Deccan. This is meant to be a gift from the CEO of Lufthansa Technik to the CEO of Air Deccan. They have recently signed an contract in which Lufthansa Technik is maintaining the airplanes for Air Deccan.

Initially, they get a caricature of CEO of Air Deccan (you can see on their official website) done by another caricaturist (somewhere, not in Singapore I think - the style doesn't look like what I have seen of Singapore caricaturist). The client requested me to do another one of their CEO (Lufthansa Technik) and make it a pair, frame up and present to the CEO of Air Deccan as a gift.
I think it wouldn't look good as the styles are different. Moreover, the original caricature of Air Deccan CEO aren't really related to the contract signed, in terms of theme. Hence I propose to have them redrawn in a single piece. In this caricature artwork, they shake hand with each other, one thumbs up, and the other pointing to his Air Deccan plane, with words of 'maintained by Lufthansa Technik' and both logos on it.

The client told me that they don't have the Air Deccan CEO's photo.
I went to Google image to search.
To my surprise, I managed to get his photo there.
The client knows his name. Hence, I think we should get the right photo, emmm.... I am crossing my fingers initially, as the photo looks quite different from that put up on his website. However, I think this CEO loves his caricature so much so that he put it next to his logo.

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