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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Comic illustration - Thousand-Li-Eyes Demon

This illustration was done March last year, for a competition on using graphic tablet.
This competition is held by a local government organisation.
Haha.... too long ago and I can't remember which one it is.
After submission, I keep going back to that website to see the result.
However, after a few months of the closing date for submission, I still don't see them posting the result.
I didn't any notice of the result from them.
I guess I didn't get it.
I happened to browse through my folder and see this illustration just now.
Hence, I decided to post it up here.
This competion is to use our imagination to create our version of those Chinese gods and demons using the graphic tablet to illustrate. I use a mixture of 2 softwares - Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop.
This creature/demon is my version of Thousand-Li-Eyes Demon (in Chinese is 'Qian Li Yan').
It used to be a demonbefore being suppressed by a Chinese God (haha...can't remeeber who is it too).
He lived in the sea and came out at night.
Comic drawings used to be my hobby during my school days.
I draw on tables, books and any surfaces which I can draw. I draw during classes, tests, examinations, lectures, leisure time...... I just love it. I have even drawn 2 series of comics - unpublished (incomplete too.)! Hahaha......
However, when I started working as a portrait artist after graduation from National University of Singapore (Architectural Studies), I come to realise that I can't survive in Singapore, being a comic artist. Anotherr reason is that I get better and faster money being a portrait artist and caricaturist. I still draw comics during my first few years of working as a portrait artist. However, recently my workload is too much for me to handle, I begin to draw less comics nowadays - in fact, none recently. (My financial burden doesn't allow me to do so too!) What a sad thing.........
On the brighter side, drawing faces is my passion too.
Perhaps one day, I may pick it up again, and start drawing comics again....... and become a comic artist! Hopefully............

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