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Monday, October 23, 2006

cartoon sketches for DDB and Health Promotion Board, Singapore

These are the characters DDB asked me to sketch for Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore.
It is more like a pitching job.
They are choosing the style of the artist for the HPB project.

The above sketches are for the first round.
I manage to get through this round but not the second round. I think the style and characters are not local enough.
They want characters on Father, Mother, Son, Daughter and perhaps Grandma.
The aim is to promote 'Healthy Living.'
I use my daughter as the starting point, put on spectacles for the whole family (usually seen in Singaporeans).
The Mummy follows teh hair style of the daughter.

The below sketches are for the second round.

More -refined strokes.

with colours.

Sketches on different races.

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