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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New category on

I have finally managed to get the new category up on my webiste - other talents.
I have spent 2 days in doing this and working live(unbelievable), with minimal knowledge of php, in fact, none. Hahaha......
This category introduces the other talents like 3d designers/perspectivists, landscape and animal painters, and caricaturists etc, who are working closely with Portrait Workshop. This gives the client a wider choice of style and illustrations (as well as talents) to choose from, besides my style. These talents also help me to cope with the jobs which are piling up, and sometimes beyond what I can cope with.
This page is to be further developed, as I have a few talents like Roy from United Kingdom to be included.
Sorry, Roy. Please give me some time. You will see your works up soon.

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